Sunday, June 20, 2010

How about a ready check?

Just when I thought I was running out of little things that bug me...

I'm busy saving up my Frosts as there's some gear I've got my eye on.  Being as I don't raid much my main source is the first random daily heroic giving me a whopping two Frosts/day (wheee!).  So I que'd up Friday evening when things had settled down at the house and ended up with a Trial of Champions run.  We mounted up and took off.  Man, this first phase while mounted was taking forever.  We spent at least two to three times longer doing this than it should have.  At the end it became clear why.  It seems our tank's toon disconnected at some point, and with all the commotion of mounts running around I'd not noticed one of us standing in one place doing nothing.  I hate re-que'ing for a tank as you never know how long it'll take.  But after asking the other guys, they wanted the first tank dropped and then wanted us re-que'd.

As soon as I hit the que button, I typed "hey guys, that took forever and we don't know long this tank'll take... gonna take a two minute break and get my drink refreshed".   I came back in less time than that, to find everyone at less than 10% health, fighting on the other side of the ToC hall.  The tank's dyeing words were "dude, are you going to heal?".  My reply as all four of my teammates ghosted, and the remaining mobs charge across the hall at me, was "uhh, I'd said I was gonna be AFK".  His reply was that no one told him.  Great, a needless wipe, where I look bad.

Post mortem:  Everyone's seen a tank do this.  They join an instance already in progress, replacing a failed, disconnected or ejected previous tank.  They realize where they are, then charge ahead with a "lets go!".  Apparently this guy joined up within seconds of my leaving my chair.  No one in the group said "hey, the tree just afk'd" when he charged off.  That alone should have stopped the tank in his tracks.  But, whatever happened to the tried and true, simple "r?".  If you only get three replies then you investigate.

I must admit that I share some blame.  Unless you are an hour into trying to finish Occulus with a couple of people who have never run it before, you should be ready to finish a simple five man heroic at one sitting without getting up after you hit que.  I just wanted to stretch my legs real quick, freshening up my drink was my excuse to make an orbit around the kitchen.

"r?" would have prevented a wipe.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Disappeared there for a bit...

You'd think I fell off the edge of the Azeroth the way I've been gone.  The world is flat you know, Tuninn the DK has his Explorer title, he'd know.  Things have been busy.  Tunin turned 80 during a PUG at UP just over a month ago.  Tunin then started the progression towards getting his full epic gearset, and now am on a nearly full set since then.  (For the last few weeks, in real life, I've been nursing three broken ribs, and haven't felt like doing anything where I had to sit in front of a computer.)

The first things I had to do with Tunin is retune his glyphs.  Gone is Glyph of Healing Touch as I now have Nourish I can spam away if needed.  The glyph set I settled on are: Nourish, Innervate and Swiftmend.  My minors, for what they're worth, are Unburdened Rebirth, Glyph of the Wild, and Glyph of Thorns.  I tuned my spec tree a little more to one found I think at elitistjerks, and is an 18/0/53 variety.

Tunin has now healed his way through all the standard heroics.  He is currently working on the 3.3 patch heroics and has finished The Forge of Souls, and The Pit of Saron.  Tunin has been to Halls of Reflection once, and it was a bad day.  We wiped 5 or 6 times.  The main problem was that Tunin would draw aggro very early on while our group was hiding behind a corner.  Someone pointed out that I can't throw any heals until well after the tank has gained aggro as they were attacking me too soon, and he wasn't successful at pulling them off of me.  So two more times in a row, between waves, I'd stop throwing heals and yet aggro would again go straight to me.  We quit out of frustration, but I'm thankful they stuck with me for a PUG for so long.  It was afterwards, while doing some reading that I had another of my epiphanies.  HoT's generate threat during EACH TICK, not just when they're thrown.  My general practice in a 5 man is to keep the tank fully loaded with three Lifeblooms, and a Rejuv ticking on everyone.  This lets me hit a Swiftmend on anyone (remember, I don't consume mine as I'm glyphed) in a pinch, and/or hit with a Nourish as needed.  When the tank starts getting in trouble, and Lifebloom is nearly expired, actually leaving Lifebloom alone is the answer, as it'll bloom, giving the tank a massive healing burst.

Druids then, apparently have a major disadvantage in Halls of Reflection.  The majority of my heals are Hot's in nature, with occasional spot mends here and there.  I'll therefore have to change my tactics during this phase alone, and spam the crud out of Nourish ALONE.   This way, when we're between waves, I'll not draw aggro by having HoT's ticking away on every one in the group.  Since coming to this realization I have yet to actually get a random back to Halls of Reflection to try it out.

ICC Rep Runs.  Oh my these are fun.  Irinbells in my guild, Mok'Nathal's RebirthII, put one together the other night and I signed up.  It was actually my first prolonged sit-down in front of the computer in two weeks.  We had a blast.  Probably the best part was having all 10 of us chatting on Vent at the same time during the event.  I'll be watching TradeChat again to try and get in on more of these in the future.

Will sign off for now.  I'll keep track of the new tree strategie for Halls of Reflection and let you know.