Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Epic Fail Tank.

A couple nights ago I ran across an Epic Fail Tank, but not for the reasons you'd initially think.  Wanting to pick up one more random run Sunday night, my oldest son and I hit the LFG button while teamed up.  We ended up in UK with an average group, but an 80 lvl DK as our tank.  I've run across lvl 80 DKs tanking non-heroic dungeons before.  They usually will own up to wanting to practice a new spec, or just not ready to be in charge of a heroic 5 man yet with their gear, etc.

Our first pull was large.  He went in and basically pulled the whole first set of mobs.  I was able to keep him healed up.  Luckily no one pulled major agro from him though, a few touch up heals here and there for everyone else.  I commented to him, "feeling a little enthusiastic are we?" or something to that effect.  The next couple of groups to drop the fire were no problem.

Then we entered the Dragonflayer Pens.  I'd learned in the past that I can judge how well a tank will do later in the dungeon by how they fight the first dragon to the left as we enter the room.  He didn't turn the dragon around.  A good tank turns the dragons around while fighting them in order to keep his DPS, and me , from taking flame damage from the dragon.  In my experience, a tank that doesn't turn them around either doesn't know he should because he's new, or my new category, he doesn't care.  Single dragon dispatched, we went to the moved on.

We began the next pull of the dragon and his handler.  About 8-10 seconds into the pull another dragon came across my field of view.  Uh oh, someone must have backed into agro range of another group, been there done that.  My initial feeling is 'no problem', this tank can handle the challenge, I'll just keep everyone topped off.  Then I saw the chat window.  The DK dropped two lines:  "Hahahahahaha", and "Have fun dying!"  Then he left the dungeon having run through the room and agro'ing every mob in the Dragonflayer Pen and dragging them to us.  Obviously, we wiped shortly thereafter.

Thinking back this had to have been his plan all along.  No big investment to him as we were no more than 5 minutes into the dungeon.  He was out to have some fun creating a major wipe and leaving with us helpless.  I'm not the vindictive sort so I don't think I'm gonna drop his name.  But it is written down.  As he's on another server I'll probably never run across him again.  Should I though, I have a special tanking death planned for him.  ;)

Anyone else ever have problems with a tank intentionally taking a group in to die?


  1. Wow. Just... wow. I can't say as I've ever had a tank do something like that, but I would most certainly black-list them immediately! I take no joys in adding people to my ignore list, but sometimes it is quite necessary.

    Well-written posts, by the way. An enjoyable read!

  2. Oh yes, that's happened to me before..

    I was running with two of my 78 dps, so they could get a group faster in the LFG. We ended up getting VH. Which is always a fun one, fast and all.

    We get in there.. and the tank is a lovely little DK. The portals spawned and the tank stood back by the doors.. making a damn death gate every so often.. not tanking.

    We couldn't kick him because of that rule about not kicking someone during combat, or even 3 minutes after combat. Those portals spawn in under 2 minutes?

    Needless to say, it wasn't a heroic.. and we had a lock who feared everything.. so I was able to keep them alive.

    He just wanted the xp. Sigh.

    I've got lovely screen shots of the jerk calling me the C-word.. It was great.

    You should tell me the name so I can see if it was the same one.

  3. @Kae: thanks, I hope to have more as time goes by.

    @Jessa: At least at VH you're always standing right next to the portal, ya'll could always just step out. That's the kind of thing I never think about till afterwards anyway.