Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Epiphany...

While not completely deserving, as the tank we were with had truly pulled too much, the comment stung. I got up the next day, and instead of playing, started working my way through the process of figuring what had to change. At level 60 my main problem was that I had a severe lack of spells. There was the instant Regrowth, the two second Rejuvenation, and the three second cast Healing Touch. I had no quickly acting quick touch-up heal. On replaying the tank death in my head, I had noticed that my HoTs weren't keeping up with the damage he was taking. My problem was that once I made that determination and hit "Healing Touch", the tank was often less than three seconds from dying. As it was, I was a few tenths of a second from finishing that Healing Touch when he dropped over.

What I found out lead me to a revelation in healing style and rotation. I reglyphed with Glyph of Healing Touch, this decreased my cast time by 1.5 seconds. I also placed 5 points on my re-spec into Naturalist, which reduced my Healing Touch by another 0.5 seconds. I now had a decent spot heal I could cast (pre-Haste) in one second. My heal rotation was therefore dropping Rejuvenation on everyone that needed it, and doing spot heals and "touch-up" heals with Healing Touch.

My Grid needed serious reworking as well. Pre-epiphany it was little more than a frames to click upon, with aggro indicators. Post-epiphany, each party member had a larger square frame. Each frame would show aggro via a red upper right corner indicator, as well as it's border going red. This let me know who might need a HoT touched up very shortly in the fight. I had the bottom right corner changed to follow my Rejuvenations. That corner stayed purple while a rejuv was on the player, and at 4 seconds left would turn yellow, and with two seconds left would turn red. I now had a way to know when I was going to need to redrop a rejuv on someone. Regrowth became a numerical countdown in the bottom left corner, for when used.

Dungeons flew past much easier now. Wipes became must less frequent, and usually not my fault. I was still learning as a healer. More than once I've hit the wrong spell and killed a GCD waiting to fix my error. But since the day of the epiphany, have never been told "... you suck as a healer."

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