Saturday, March 20, 2010

How long does it take a Rogue to die?

I can tell you. It's about one sip of iced tea.

Was in Nexus a few days ago.  I had a great tank.  I love pally tanks as they tend to hold aggro well which makes my job easy.  I guess it makes my job a little too easy sometimes.  We had a great PUG put together.  There was the pally tanking, a rogue, a mage and a DK.  We were banging along in nice fashion, which should have been my warning about danger to come later.  I was able to heal the 5 man by just dropping HoT's on the pally, then sit back and roll them as needed.  I think I put one or two HoT's on someone else out of boredom at some point even.

We were halfway through the boss Ormorok when I slipped.  Like I said, things were peachy.  I renewed all my HoT's on the tank, no one else had been pulling aggro, and an intense thirst hit me.  I reached over to pick up my large cup full of iced tea and took a swig.  As the cup lowered and my view was no longer obstructed my grid showed me the error of my ways.  My rogue was replaced with a dark box and the letters "DEA".  Oops.  Ormorok had turned hit the rogue, I guess critting with at least one good hit.  Looking at recount showed that the rogue and mage were rocking along with amazing dps.  I should have realized it was possible that the boss might get distracted from the tank for just a second due to that massive dps hitting him from behind.

I was so embarrassed.  I spent the rest of Nexus with at least a couple of HoT's on the rogue so I wouldn't have to rez him a second time.  To that nameless rogue out there who probably doesn't remember the incident, I'm sorry.

Rereading my title made me think of a rogue joke.  So, how many rogues does it take to screw in a lightbulb?  One.  Here watch.  Wait, where's the lightbulb?  I know it was right here.  Who stole the lightbulb?  Wasn't there a rogue here to help demo this?

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