Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Healing break

Have been on a break from healing for the last week or so. Real Life and work have conspired against me. The kid's baseball seasons have begun as well, and is stealing from WoW time.

What time I have had has been devoted to lvl'ing Tunin's fishing and cooking. While playing my DK I realized people tolerated me as "lowly" DPS much better if I threw down a quick Fish Feast.  Nothing says you're committed to sucess of your dungeon than putting out approximately 9 gold worth of a buff.  I've decided it makes sense as a healer to do what I can to buff my team beyond the simple class buffs.

In my experiece, fish is where the money's at anyway. They always sell fast in the AH, and usually do so at good prices.

Interesting places to hide in WinterGrasp and fish:
  • Standing on a crossbrace, under one of the smaller bridges, either the East or West Bridge - rarely found under here
  • Far SouthEast near waterfalls, there is a small area between ice and rock face to stand and fish - only problem here is there are two mineral nodes near here as well and many people overfly this spot
  • By the Alliance FP, BUT ONLY on days where the Dalaran Fishing Daily is Dangerously Delicious!  On those days there are strength in numbers as others fish up their daily.  On other days you're asking to be ganked as Horde start their hunt here and you're generally all alone.

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