Saturday, March 6, 2010

In the beginning...

[ This being my first attempt at blogging, please bear with me as I learn my way around. Thanks! ]

In order to set the context for where I am now, I need to give an idea as to how I've gotten to this point. Tunin was born around the beginning of November, 2008, to the Mok'Nathal server. I'd never played an MMORPG before. We live out in the sticks, and broadband was finally brought out to us. Druids seemed the coolest thing to roll, not having much more than the information that was initially presented to a new WOW player. Tunin started the usual quest progression. He didn't do much in the way of dungeons. My initial progression took me through the usual druid forms. I just couldn't get the hang of cat and bear forms. Tunin therefore morphed slowly into a solo'ing Moonkin/Boomkin druid. Being a rather casual player, with lots of RL activities as well (wife/kids/work), Tunin's progression was slow compared to many. Then he hit 55 and the world opened up a little. A DK was rolled, with the very similar name of Tuninn.

With my Tuninn as my fearless DK, mobs were dispatched with efficiency and speed of which my moonkin had never dreamed. Tuninn became a solo'ing force that quested his way through to 80 far quicker than Tunin could have thought possible. Tuninn then did the usual new 80 things. He pvp'd his way through WinterGrasp to gather honor points for his first full set of epic gear. He then slowly evolved his gear through 5 man heroics and the AH to the point where he'd plateau'd to a certain extent. With a gearscore of approximately 4500, and a DPS at around 2.5k, further improvements were going to take massive amounts of gold in AH. Tuninn has yet to actually raid, his guild being one more of a social/lvl'ing guild. Time is also a factor, with RL issues I can't generally allot as much time as may be needed to raid with Tuninn. As such, Tuninn has reached his goal for now. Back to Tunin.

Tunin had languished his way to 59-60 in off times from my DK. I'd always wanted to heal. When questing with my son I would enjoy being able to throw some quick heals to help him out as he 'tanked' for the two of us through some sticky quests. Doing daily heroics with Tuninn gave me as much DPS'ing as I'd wanted to do. The healer standing behind us during the heroic dailies always intrigued me. At that point I had an epiphany, Tunin was going to heal. In fact, Tunin was going to do nothing BUT heal. Progressing my DK to 80 had completely ignored the usual dungeons. I'd already done the usual quest-lines, so redoing these didn't hold any particular fascination. I decided I would lvl Tunin to 80 completely by healing in dungeons. He therefore got dual specced into both a moonkin and a tree. Yes, I know I just said he's ONLY heal on his way to 80, but why lock yourself out of a quick need for a moonkin for some odd quest, hence the dual-spec.

I'd been reading through many of the healing blogs and thought I was ready. I set up grid. I set myself up with what I felt was a good spec for the points I had to spend. I also glyphed myself up with what I thought was a good starting set of 2 major / 2 minor glyphs. What followed were two very tense, awkward days of healing. Hellfire Ramparts became my nemesis. Getting a party through without a wipe, if not three wipes, seemed impossible. I could make the HoT's flow, but the direct heals seemed to take way too long. A tank could, and generally would, die before I could realize my HoT's weren't enough, and start a direct heal. Then it happened. I had a tank who really did take too much of a pull, and died. But the DPS were able to pull through, and with several very close calls and a quick rez to the tank we were on our way to the next pull. In the middle of my rezzing the tank, one of the DPS said something to me that hit hard. "Dude, I'm not trying to be mean, but you really suck as a healer." I finished out the dungeon, licked my wounds, and called it a night. I was doing something wrong. I'll continue with Tunin's epiphany on my next post.

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  1. You're quite a good writer. This should be interesting, I hope you keep up with this.

    P.S. This is Asrai. :)